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Just do it. No one gets to do any of these things without bumping into anxiety and fear along the way, no one.

I Double Dare You…If You Feel Scared or Anxious, Read This

So you might aswell learn everything you can about how and why you feel it, and how to move past it quickly. Of course, you and only you have the power to say when you will and will not tolerate feeling uncomfortable, because every situation is different. Ask any successful person though, they will tell you that good change feels uncomfortable first, pleasurable after, not the other way around.

If you feel anxious but still have the desire to do it, take the first step anyway, regardless of the outcome. You will be so proud of yourself for having done something you were initially so scared of.

That my friends is how you kick fear up the proverbial butt, expand your mind and make your dreams into reality. Is it easy? Of course not.

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Is it worth it? Hell yes! Everything feels less scary when there is someone there to do it with us, but in life we find ourselves in many situations where we need to find the strength to do it alone. You got this! Trust yourself.

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Do you think that if you say or do something that feels right to you, then others may not like you anymore? You have never done it before.

Dare You - Hardwell - Lyrics

Sure, first time we do anything it is scary but the more times we do it, the more normal it becomes. It is scary to think about putting in loads of effort and cost, then not getting any results.

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Looking stupid. We all have this fear!


Be honest with others and yourself, do not promise more than you can do and always be willing to listen and learn. We had already the history of a building with more than years, it overflows it's timeline and transports us to a city bathed in light, open to the river, to travel, to the world Among laughter, crying, textures and smells, we embrace this space, each and every recess and peculiarity, the marks of ancient arts, now re-invented. Highlighting this timelessness, we have created a space of refinement, sublimating the elegance of a way of life which makes Lisbon unique!

And, because it's the spirit of the cities that makes them timeless, Dare Lisbon House is the manifestation of a city filled with vibrance and pulsating with life.

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We have summoned the city! We have summoned the artisans, craftsmen and artists! We have summoned all gods. We drink form their art, ingenuity and wisdom! Now its your turn, feel dared, and DARE.