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For more information about access for voters with disabilities, please click here. All voters must bring acceptable identification to the polls in order to verify their identity. Click here for a list of acceptable forms of identification. Where do I vote on Election Day? Political parties desiring to participate in the elections to the municipal council under a particular name legally referred to as: appellation are required to have this appellation registered with the central electoral committee of the municipality concerned. Appellations already registered for the elections to the Dutch House of Representatives or provincial council are in principle also registered for the municipal council elections.

These appellations do not, therefore, have to be re-registered with the various municipalities for use in the municipal council elections. Both national and local parties and individual citizens may nominate themselves for the municipal council elections. On nomination day, all political parties submit their list of candidates to the central electoral committee of the municipality in which they wish to participate in the elections. Political parties participating in the municipal council elections for the first time and parties that failed to gain a seat in the previous municipal council elections are required to pay a deposit.

In addition, new parties, and registered parties that failed to gain a seat in the previous elections, must submit declarations of support. Polling stations are open from 7.

Tug-of-War Over Students' Votes

Only special polling stations may open their doors at an earlier time. No station may be open after 9. Everyone eligible to vote will receive an invitation to cast their vote sent to their home address no later than fourteen days prior to election day. This invitation includes their poll card.

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The poll card allows the voter to cast their vote in the polling station of their choice within the municipality's borders. All voters casting their vote must show identification to identify themselves. Any such identification must not have been expired by more than five years. The chairman of the Central Election Commission, Dr.

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Denar Biba held an open lecture with students of Medicine University. Quoting Plato "the citizen may die even if the human being continues to be alive," Mr. Democratic developments in the country and worldwide prove that the youth plays an important role in maintaining democratic values and systems, and you in particular, as future "healers", stressed Mr. Biba in his speech. Students discussed with the chairman of CEC on issues that are the subject of public debate on the eve of the political elections of 18 June in Albania.

When being asked about the technology in the elections, Dr. The Dean and pedagogues of Medicine University estimated the importance of democratic elections for the country integration process, and stressed the necessity of inclusion in the voting process through free voting which an expression of the free will. The first-time voters and high school graduates visited CEC premises throughout the day.

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The aim of this visit was to get information about CEC its work in the organization and administration of elections, as well as to familiarize the first-time voters to the voting process. The chairman and members of the CEC, appealed to the youth to participate and vote wisely on elections to be held on June 18, That is why we want to send a message today that everyone, both men and women, should have equal rights and opportunities that will be established and implemented not only through legislation, education, political and economic systems, but also the elections.

In her speech the minister Semiha Borovac said that the equal participation of women and men in political and public life represents one of the conditions of democracy. Equality and the ability to elect and be elected through elections, to participate equally in the division of functions of government, in public bodies and committees, to represent the government at the international level and to have equal rights in the political arena are formally and legally ensured to women in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Effects of legal and policy measures to increase the participation and influence of women in public and political life are visible, but there is still a phenomenon that percentage of women is reduced by increased level of decision-making position.

At the last Local Elections, only six per cent of the candidates for mayor were women, and their percentage on the lists for municipal or city councils was 41 percent, which is only one percent more than the legal minimum. Ultimately, the number of elected female mayors increased from 5 to 6, and there was a slight increase of women's representation in municipal and city councils or assemblies.

All this is not sufficient to say that there is equal gender representation. Although the Election Law is fully harmonized with the Law on Gender Equality in BiH, which requires mandatory participation of 40 percent of the under-represented gender, in this case women, the electorate still rather votes for men.

This is the consequence of the lack of female politicians at the decision-making positions, but also of stereotypes about position of women and men in BiH society, especially in the politics. This is a process that takes time, but the time in which we cannot wait for things to happen by themselves, but the time in which we must use all legal possibilities to realize the right of gender equality.

Women's participation in politics largely depends on their courage and willingness to enter politics and to be active, and they should be encouraged to do so. Women need to get a better position and representation within their political parties. Political parties must show an interest and willingness to ensure greater participation of women in political bodies, and later on also in bodies of authority. They must also invest more in their promotion because women are almost invisible in election campaigns which often demotivating for women candidates and for those who would like to become candidates.

It certainly has an impact on the final decision of voters in the elections. Bosnia and Herzegovina has a large number of educated, good and capable women, to whom we need to give confidence, encouraging them to get involved in all areas of social and political life. Full result can be achieved only by a joint action with the male counterparts - because joint action on the principle of equality is the key to success. These partnerships are a guarantee that the gender equality in Bosnia and Herzegovina guaranteed by the Constitution and laws will not remain just a dead letter on the paper.

At the same time, this partnership and our presence today at this gathering represent a strong support to promotion of initiative for the celebration of the Global Elections Day. It can also serve as an additional tool to making elections and politics more intelligible and attractive to women, while at the same time making them more acceptable to political parties and voters in our country. Then, Mr. Preparation and conduct of elections are one of the most challenging public affairs and therefore it is necessary to support the initiative of the Association of European Election Officials for marking of the Global Elections Day.

The Law on Gender Equality represents to the Committee on gender equality a measure used to assess the relation other laws, public policies and practices towards gender equality in BiH. The key question is how to strengthen women within political parties as this would strengthen their influence on party politics as well as their political promotion in the election period and beyond, thus certainly increasing their numbers in the legislative and executive authorities.

It is clear that the quota system stipulated in the Election Law together with the preferential voting system does not ensure equal gender representation as it was also concluded by the Venice Commission. Therefore, said Mr. Isakovic, if we are to achieve gender equality in the near future we need to make guaranteed places for the less represented gender in legislative bodies as a temporary measure, in addition to other necessary measures envisaged in the strategic documents that require a consistent and responsible work in synergy of all actors.

At the end of the event, Mr. According to the information received, 20 municipalities in Bosnia and Herzegovina organized different programs to mark the GED: radio shows, lectures at schools and solemn sessions. Students of the international law and international relations programs, also students of the public administration and public policy programs met the CEC Chairperson, Tamar Zhvania. Chairperson introduced students with the activities of the Election Administration EA and talked about the importance of the elections in terms of the democratic development of the country.

We should remember that the democracy starts with the elections; the elections held fairly and democratically is one of the important components of the development of the country.

Students visited the exhibited historic photos on the election theme at the CEC. Through the marking of this day, Central Election Commission expresses commitment to continue to meet constitutional and legal deadlines, as an independent institution and for advancement of election processes in our country.

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In this solemn event, where representatives of institutions, political parties, civil society and international organizations dealing with elections have participated, President of CEC Ms. Valdete Daka spoke for the history of this day and of the institution that she directs for the adaption of requirements in this time of big technological developments.

Central Election Commission marks the Global Elections Day since through organizations where the key word is the importance of the vote and promoting the democratic values that are related to the field of elections. This year, the Central Commission for Elections and Referendums of the Kyrgyz Republic together with their colleagues from different countries also celebrated the Global Elections Day by organizing Open Day for secondary school and university students.

In the framework of the celebration a guided tour was organised in the office of the CEC. Members of the CEC held lectures on the topic of elections and on the achievements of the CEC in application of advanced technologies. In addition, students participated in election-themed games and received symbolic presents. Contestants enjoyed equitable conditions for their political campaigns and competed in a process characterized by respect of fundamental freedoms.

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Moving from issues identified in past elections, and despite the background of scandals of corruption earlier occurred in the years, elections took place under an overall strengthened legal framework with enhanced oversight and law enforcement. During the discussion, the member of the CEC Rokas Stabingis has presented the targets of regulation of political advertising. He has underlined that free and fair elections are the base of democracy. Voters should not be misled and information should be given in a way that it could be possible to distinguish clearly political advertising from usual information.