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La Revolucion Mexicana - Mictlantecuhtli, Announcement Poster for Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla ca. Show Me a Short Cut University of California, Santa Barbara. Language of Material: English. Physical Description: Abstract: Administrative records, programs, subject files, correspondence, clippings, slides, photographs, serigraphs, posters, silkscreen prints, ephemera and other creative materials documenting activities of the San Francisco Bay Area Chicano cultural arts center.

CEMA 4. Physical location: Del Norte. General Physical Description note: Being amended by GDLR to conform to standard language used now. All requests for permission to publish or quote from manuscripts must be submitted in writing to the Head of Special Collections. Permission for publication is given on behalf of the Department of Special Collections as the owner of the physical items and is not intended to include or imply permission of the copyright holder, which also must be obtained.

Founded in , the GDLR was, like many other such centros , a product of the Chicano civil rights movement in the s and s. These principles guided the GDLR and set it apart from mainstream art organizations in terms of philosophy and organization. Studio 24 has served as a means to generate revenue for the GDLR in face of cuts in federal funds for arts, and as an experiment in a new form of community art organization. Also, there are silkscreen prints, housed in flat metal cabinets, and 2, slides slides in 10 albums.

There are separate guides to the silkscreen prints and the slides. The archival material includes business records, grant applications, exhibition descriptions and flyers, correspondence, miscellaneous publications and photographs. They cover the period of The collection is divided into nine series. Within each series, folders and boxes generally follow the alphabetical order of the titles that were assigned to them by the GDLR.

Folders with the same subject are usually arranged either alphabetically or chronologically. Series I: Administrative Records, The series consists of two subseries and is housed in 13 archival boxes.

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The first subseries, History, Staff, and Organization , includes documents from the earliest period of the GDLR, information about its staff, and several re-organization efforts. The second subseries, Business and Financial Records, , consists of tax returns, budgets, some business transactions, and payroll journals.

The records provide information about the efforts by the GDLR and Studio 24 to develop a self-sustaining route as a non-profit community arts organization.

The third subseries, Grants, , includes grant applications and award or rejection letters that document the successes and failures of the GDLR in seeking support from governmental funding agencies and private philanthropies. Most of the grant applications were for GDLR's own projects and programs. Sometimes, GDLR acted as fiscal agent to apply for grants on behalf of other organizations or individuals. In those cases, the folder titles identify these organizations and individuals, in contrast to the majority of folders in this subseries where titles follow the funding agencies.

Series II: Programs, The second series consists of three subseries. The first subseries, Exhibitions, , is the largest subseries and the heart of the archival material in the collection. It encompasses a variety of materials associated with the set up of exhibitions at GDLR, including correspondence, floor plans, brochures and flyers, exhibition catalogs, photographs of the art works and of the exhibition scenes, introductions, captions, news clippings, and guest comments.

They are a rich source of information on the artistic activities at GDLR and beyond. The second subseries Exhibitions Supplement — was retrieved in and expands on the materials related to exhibitions held at Galeria de La Raza. Because of its late retrieval date, the boxes numbered 53—68, are included in the exhibition subseries out of sequence to better reflect their relation to Series II. The Exhibitions Supplement contains collected documentation for exhibitions from to The subseries is arranged chronologically, according to subject, to the folder level.

Within each folder, the order is generally established by the donor and depending on the subject matter of the exhibition, will be found in the following arrangement: 1 Announcements, including press releases and public service announcements PSA for radio. The subseries is arranged chronologically with not dated materials placed in the beginning.

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