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Ballpoint Pen And Other Everyday Things Under A Microscope.

In , Wisconsin teacher Betsy Ramsdale was put on leave for posting a picture of herself looking down the sight of a rifle on her. All of these cases involved completely lawful conduct by teachers outside of school hours.

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So why did they suffer consequences? Teachers have also been disciplined for lawful work they did before their teaching careers.

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In March, Oxnard middle school teacher Stacie Halas was placed on administrative leave after it came to light that she had been a porn actress before becoming a teacher. Petro resigned rather than face a termination hearing. And then there is the case of Shawn Loftis, a substitute teacher in Miami until it came out that he had worked as a gay porn actor before becoming a teacher.

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In March, the Florida Education Practices Commission reversed that order and said Loftis could obtain a teaching certificate. But local officials were quick to assure citizens that they would not have to hire Loftis even if he were certified. While teachers are perhaps the most common targets of such discipline, other public employees, including police officers, city managers and prison guards, have also found themselves punished for private behavior deemed unacceptable by the public. View aquatic plankton that you catch from local streams, ponds, lakes or the ocean using an inexpensive plankton net Amazon link.

Use the microscopes as starting points for photography or drawing projects in art classes. If kids make their own microscopes, have each kid decorate the wood to personalize their own microscope, to help instill a sense of pride in their own scientific tool here's an example.

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Have kids guess what photos are of, using the image galleries from our workshops , or a gallery of images that your own students make. For older kids, have them take photos of specific insect parts that can serve as clues to figure out what species they're looking at. For schools with makerspaces, have students in a class or a science club build their own microscopes!

Got other ideas? It didnt just happen.

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Through years of trial and plenty of errors, I gradually found my teaching style. Through eclectic reading I brought into my classroom ideas and concepts from many disciplines. I found I was not an original thinker, but I was very good at taking the ideas of more gifted people and applying them in classroom situations.

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