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When we are able to look at our lives and our worlds without fear or judgments, we realize that this dream we are dreaming - reality - can be whatever we want it to be. Don Miguel Ruiz, trained as a medical doctor and surgeon, is also a nagual one with the ability to guide others to spirit , initiated as a Master of Intent in the Toltec tradition.

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His wisdom derives from a vision of Teotihuacan, "the place where Men become Gods. Many students have made this journey with don Miguel. This comprehensive guide to the teachings of don Miguel Ruiz includes: the basic elements of Toltec wisdom and the spiritual practice that is the basis of The Four Agreements Tools for Transformation - exercises and ceremonies to walk readers through the process of shedding fear, judgment, and guilt an imaginary journey to Teotihuacan, the sacred center of nagual teaching information on life after death, and prophecies about the evolution of humanity biographical information on don Miguel Ruiz and his training with his curandera mother, the famous healer, Mother Sarita The knowledge contained in this life-changing volume has the power to replace fear with joy.

About the Authors Don Miguel Ruiz was born into a family of healers in rural Mexico and later attended medical school and taught and practiced as a surgeon. He rediscovered the ancient teachings of his youth following his own near-death experience. A nagual in the Toltec tradition, he lectures, holds workshops, and leads groups on transformative journeys to Teotihuacan, Mexico.

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Mary Carroll Nelson is an artist and the founder of the Society of Layerists in Multi-Media, a national network of artists who express a holistic perspective. She is also the author of Artists of the Spirit , in which she first wrote about don Miguel Ruiz and his presentation of the Toltec tradition. Reviews "A surprising and illuminating view of life and the interrelatedness of all creation.

Easy-to-follow practices, such as meditations and visualizations, add to the power and impact of the concepts taught by Don Miguel.

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This is not just "a nice idea" book, but is an actual guide to releasing the fear that haunts us all from the time we become conscious, as little children, until we die. The visual style of the writing makes it easy to distinguish Don Miguel's words from Mary C. Worth reading again and again. I have been reading these books almost every day for the past six months. The gratitude I feel for these books cannot be expressed in words, because the transformation they have engendered is too profound.

This book gives you all the information, love and tools you need to create the life you choose. This is not a book which tells you what to believe. This is a book that teaches you how to choose what you want to believe.

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It leads you to discover your own truth and your own path to happiness. Living the words in this book has freed and empowered me to find the peace and happiness I was seeking.


Now, this book and all of don Miguel's words live in my heart, and they will continue to guide me every day in deepening my experience of spirituality. If you are considering buying this book, do. Give it a chance to wake you up, open up your soul and amaze you! I am biased, because I have been an apprentice of don Miguel Ruiz for four years, and the Toltec path has changed my life.

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  • Mary Carroll Nelson has done a wonderful job of bringing don Miguel's simple wisdom and love to the pages of this book. I have traveled many paths searching for my freedom, although I did not always know what I was looking for. Now, with this and don Miguel's other two books, and using the tools found here The Four Agreements, Stalking and Dreaming, The inventory, recapitulation, forgiveness, etc. I have reclaimed my personal power and found the simple peace that I was seeking. Thank you, don Miguel. And then do what he says!